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List of Station Officers to date in Hacketstown

    John Willoughby (retired)

   Sam Willoughby (retired)

 Willie Rooney     (retired)

                                      Joseph Barnes (retired)                      

More photos

                                  Joe Barnes retirement

                                  Hacketstown's Present crew

                                  Francis Whelan snr

                                  Carlow town Firefighters

                                   The crew of 1973

                                    The lads in action

                                  Hackettstown New Jersey

                                  Barn fire 1936......

                                   C.F.O Seamus Grogan

                                  1937 Handing over the keys

                                  A.C.F.O. Fintan O' Neill

                                  Pictures from the past Hacketstown in 1900

To see some pictures of the opening of the new firestation click here