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Ladders which are carried into position by hand are an important part of a firemans equipement. Apart from roof ladders and hook ladders they all consist of a main ladder and one or two sliding extensions. The extensions are raised either by hauling by line or by pushing up by hand. Ladders are carried on both our appliances in various combinations .

Metal ladders are made of riveted trussed construction with high tensile aluminium alloy.The rounds are square section , ribbed on the thread surface to make them less slippy. The extending section runs on nylon rollers in guide channels integral with the stiles. Double action automatic pawls are fitted. The line is 16mm nylon, rot proofed.The head of the ladder usually has wheels fitted for easy running on wall surfaces.

Short extension ladder

Two sections, fully extended are between 5.5m and 6,7m, weight not more than 24.6kg, space between rounds 280m--- 305mm ,

10.5 m Ladder

Two sections, easy extension by one man, safety devices include pawls and non skid shoes on the main ladder , weight not more than 56kgs, and easy to seperate.

13.5m Ladder

Differs from the 10.5 m in that there is a main ladder and two sliding extensions. The width of the top extension should be not less than 305mm . The ladder has props with universal joints. The props are attached to the main ladder and have non skid attachments on their feet. They stow snugly along the strings when not in use.The ladderalso has quadrants or spikes to help in elevation and non slip adjustable jacks for plumbing. The top extension is operated by a cable which has a minimum breaking strain of 1.3 tonnes .Weight of the ladder is 102 kgs approx.

Roof ladder

This is a one piece non extending ladder. It is about 4.3 m in length. There is a large hook at the head on one side and wheels on the other side. Roof rearers are fitted to the under side on the ladder to revent it from lying flat on the roof.Not less than 50mm. Weight is about 16kgs.

13.5 m Ladder